Happy Birthday, Blog! Wednesday, Jun 30 2010 

Hey!  Guess what!  Today is my blog’s first birthday.  They grow up so fast, don’t they? 


A lot’s happened in the last year.  Boyfriend has moved twice, I’ve taken three vacations and booked a fourth, and I survived my first business trip.  I’ve baked bread, embraced the art of the layer cake, and even made booze.  We’ve been to food, beer, wine, and even bourbon festivals, and visited more than a few breweries to boot.  And through it all, I’ve had a camera strapped to my hungry little hand, ready to capture whatever we were eating, drinking, or admiring. 

Admittedly, I have a long way to go: my photography is nowhere near the level I’d like it to be, and there are many, many culinary challenges I hope to attempt in the year(s) to come.   And even though we’re crossing cities off our Must See list with every vacation, there are so many left for us to visit. 

So happy birthday, blog!  With another oddly-specific birthday cake for Boyfriend and an eating-spree in a brand new city, we’re going to be quite the second summer together.

Apologies and Rationalizations Monday, Jun 14 2010 

In my continued efforts to be the worst part-time blogger ever, I’m MIA again.  I know.  It’s shocking.  I have a plethora of excuses and rationalizations, all of which I will share with you now in an effort to make sure you forgive me and visit again next week, when I’m less, you know, sucky at this whole blogging thing.

– My first ever business trip is happening this week.  Hilarious, I know.  Given the fact that I’ve already struggled somewhat with the idea that I’ll need to wear pantyhose every single day, this whole trip can only go great places.  I’d like to state, for the record, that one of the things I did not learn in college was the fact that open-toed shoes are not business appropriate.  Um, what?  Is this common knowledge and no one told me?  My peep-toed pumps are slutty? Agree to disagree, but it limited my shoe selection to an almost insurmountably small amount because I do not own close-toed black shoes.  Of course I don’t.  Because my suits are only black.  Ugh, the perils of becoming an adult.

– Boyfriend’s Brother came home from studying abroad in Africa last week, which meant that Boyfriend came home from Maryland to gawk at his brother’s astonishing amount of photos.  We’ll just say that there were lions, and cheetahs, and snakes…oh my.  Boyfriend’s Brother also brought him back a (FIFA World Cup-sponsored) bottle of what appears to be Bailey’s, but is actually derived from a naturally alcoholic fruit.  First and foremost, I’m living in the wrong part of the world, because simultaneously eating a nutrious piece of fruit while getting a buzz on is sweet. Second, apparently this fruit is a large part of an elephant’s diet, and often leads to their slight intoxication.  I’m sorry, but can you think of anything more terrifying than a drunk elephant in a country where they’re already overpopulated?  Because I can’t.

– Did I mention it was the World Cup?  Not that I appreciate soccer nearly as much as Boyfriend, but I did spend a significant portion of the weekend trying to work out exactly why everyone felt the need to continuously blow those giant-ass horns (Boyfriend included).  I’m no closer to an answer than I was at 9am on Saturday morning.  Also, Boyfriend, in his overzealous excitement, showed up to my house on Saturday afternoon wearing a red, white, and blue plaid blazer with a red bandana wrapped around his head.  I devoted a lot of time that day to assuring friends that I did not dress him.

– I’ve been to three baseball games in the last week.  That’s not a typo. In seven days, I went to three games.  Now, you’ll remember that I don’t really even enjoy baseball, so I’m not entirely sure how that happened, but, alas, it did.  And baseball games?  They are not short events.  Boyfriend and I went to a Red Sox game that lasted into the 12th-ish inning, and featured the slowest pitcher I have ever experienced.  Holy mother. I have never heard more booing from a crowd when the subject of the booing was standing entirely still.  I think I’m learning to appreciate it or something though.  I mean, I definitely hate it less…

So there you have it.  My life is a blur of work and sports and eating.  As if this is new information.  My deepest apologies, and I’ll see you next week.  Please don’t boo me.

The Most Exciting Development Friday, Apr 30 2010 

Forgive my shriekiness (PS: “shriekiness” is a word? I totally thought I made it up, but my trusty spellcheck apparently begs to differ…good to know…) about this; it’s simply inavoidable – THE SMITTEN KITCHEN IS BECOMING A COOKBOOK! I’m sorry – I’m completely beyond excited, and when I’m this excited, my sentence structure is really questionable at best.  So let’s revert to some trusty bullet points to address my obsession, shall we?

– I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but I love love love the Smitten Kitchen.  The writing, the photography, the unbiased reviews of everything that crosses their dinner table…it’s just so right.

– My morning routine goes a little something like this: drag self out of bed, compile “professional work outfit,” suck down two shots of espresso from the best Christmas present ever, drive to work, turn on computer, open email, type in www.smittenkitchen.com. FIN.

– Deb, Deb, Deb.  I feel like I know you. Even though I’m that creepy girl who reads your blog compulsively without EVER commenting (I know, I know, where are my manners!?), I hang on every word of advice you’ve ever given.  It’s ok guys, I’m totally not a groupie. I totally don’t accept Deb’s word as truth and reject recipes purely on the basis they didn’t work out for her (Although, to be fair, if they didn’t work for her, what are the odds that I can make them happen? Nil, people. The answer is zero chance.). 

– The CAKE ADVICE. Because large-scale cake-baking is suddenly and irrationally my new favorite hobby (especially this month, as I have FOUR, count them – FOUR, upcoming birthdays to contend with), I need these words of experienced wisdom.  I need them like I need my red wine and chocolate, and I think we all know that those are needs that simply must be addressed whenever they strike. Case closed.

– If you think that my immediate response to this information was to send Boyfriend the aforementioned link with the text “This is what you’re buying me for Christmas 2012. No, that is not a typo, and yes, I know it’s April 2010.”, then you win.  Congrats! (I have no prize for you; please check back later).

BOTTOM LINE: I am EXCITED, people. And I’m 99.9% certain most of you are, too.

Check it Out! Saturday, Feb 6 2010 

The fact that it’s snowing during my weekend on call for work means only one thing: the phone has not stopped ringing since 5am.  FIVE AM! As in, 5:00 in the morning.  As in, earlier than I wake up on weekdays.  Ugh.  So rather than flop around in my bed all morning, cursing the invention of the cell phone and trying to fall back into sweet, blissful slumber, I’ve been productive!  Yay!  This will, of course, inevitably lead to my passing out on the couch at, oh, 9pm, but hey – you’re not here to judge, right?  Right?

Anyway, the exciting news is that I’ve put together a recipe index!  It’s right over there in the “About” section on the left! And it was no small task.  I haven’t even broken 100 posts yet, and this took me about two hours to put together.  Computer-challenged?  Yes.  Extremely proud of myself for figuring it out?  Also yes.  So, please enjoy, and if it’s somehow effed up or wrong, how about you wait till next week to tell me, mkay?  Just let me bask in my glory for a few days.  Thanks!