Things I am not:

  • a trained chef, food critic, or anything else of the culinary persuasion
  • a trained photographer (unless the elective class I took in high school counts, which I sort of doubt)
  • the expert on anything, and I warn you of this specifically because I frequently act as if I am the expert on everything
  • particularly mature, reasonable, or any of those other things you’re supposed to be by the time you’re a college graduate


Now that we’ve gotten that cleared up, onto things I am qualified to do/things I love:

  • Travel: anytime, anywhere, with (nearly) anyone, by any mode of transportation, but especially in the warmer months, to Europe, by plane,  with Boyfriend (though not all of those things happen on every trip, mostly because I don’t have a lot of spare cash or vacation days lying around to be galavanting through the Continent)
  • Eat: but not bacon, potato chips, most kinds of fish (though I recently ate a raw oyster and if I can talk myself down off the ledge to get through that, I think I should be able to ingest anything really), or almost any condiment on the planet (barbeque sauce, blue cheese, ranch, ketchup, mustard, the list goes on…). Yes.  I realize I’m a bit strange.
  • Drink: red wine (except Pino Noir), not white (although I like Reisling), and almost any kind of non-cheap beer (I left Milwaukee’s Best Light at the University of Richmond when I graduated, thank you very much), especially if it’s dark and not too hoppy
  • Write:  I graduated with a BA in English and Leadership Studies, which directly qualifies me to do very, very little except write things down.  And, arguably, do my day job.  Arguably.