Not to have a pity party or anything, but I’m struggling, and that struggling has led directly to a serious lack of posting.  See, two weeks ago, my computer got a virus.  Admittedly, it was entirely my fault, but now I’m definitely in a pickle because while my computer has been restored to a mostly functioning state through the genius efforts of my Dad, my blog, sadly, has not been so lucky.

I had a minor meltdown when I first discovered this last Friday, but I eventually brushed it off, consoled myself with hours of Sex and the City episodes, had one too many cocktails, and decided I’d sort it out next week.  Well, it’s now next week, friends, and the prospects are still looking a little grim.  My problems are multifaceted and, for someone with little to no computer knowledge, quasi-insurmountable.  First and foremost, I’ve lost every picture I’ve ever uploaded to this site.  Not that they’re missing from the site, actually, so  much as they’re missing from my WordPress media library and I can’t upload new ones.  And if I can’t access the old ones, and I can’t upload new ones, I effectively have no idea how to once again get pictures onto the blog.  So there’s that.  There’s also the unique problem that the icons along the top of my WordPress taskbar (through which you make font bold, underlined, etc, and add pictures, run spell check, etc) are gone.  I have buttons, but they’re all blank – which means that for the moment, it’s sort of a Russian roulette system of posting and editing.  I have no idea what any of the buttons do until after I click them.  And that’s…risky.

My final issue was recently resolved through no effort of my own, so I guess it isn’t so much a current problem, but regardless, there was a period of time this weekend where my computer rejected all forms of Javascript.  Now, again, I have no idea what Javascript does, per se, but I do know that I need it to blog.  In that, without accessing it, I couldn’t preview or publish posts.  SIGH.

All of that to say that I haven’t forgotten you all, and I actually have a terrific cupcake recipe to share, as well as a cute little story that I may or may not cave and put up (sans pictures) in the next day or two.  Guess it depends how much Boyfriend harrasses me.  Till then, please send any extra good karma my way.  Lord knows the blog could use it this week.