The fact that it’s snowing during my weekend on call for work means only one thing: the phone has not stopped ringing since 5am.  FIVE AM! As in, 5:00 in the morning.  As in, earlier than I wake up on weekdays.  Ugh.  So rather than flop around in my bed all morning, cursing the invention of the cell phone and trying to fall back into sweet, blissful slumber, I’ve been productive!  Yay!  This will, of course, inevitably lead to my passing out on the couch at, oh, 9pm, but hey – you’re not here to judge, right?  Right?

Anyway, the exciting news is that I’ve put together a recipe index!  It’s right over there in the “About” section on the left! And it was no small task.  I haven’t even broken 100 posts yet, and this took me about two hours to put together.  Computer-challenged?  Yes.  Extremely proud of myself for figuring it out?  Also yes.  So, please enjoy, and if it’s somehow effed up or wrong, how about you wait till next week to tell me, mkay?  Just let me bask in my glory for a few days.  Thanks!