Anyone wondering how this turned out?  Boyfriend was home again this weekend (I cleverly gave him a Christmas present that required his presence in NJ), and the cider had been fermenting for a week, so it was taste-test time at Hanukkah dinner with his family on Saturday.  Not that anyone but the two of us was stupid brave enough to try homemade alcohol. 

I cracked it open before his arrival, and sampled a small sip (you know, to make sure I wouldn’t poison anyone), but I didn’t have a full glass of it until we toasted our experiment on Saturday night.  For a first effort, it wasn’t too bad – really…champagne-y (is that a word?).  And thicker than any hard cider I’ve ever tasted, but with the same sweet, bubbly taste I love so much.  Boyfriend felt it tasted a little yeast-y, which I can understand given the amount of yeast I dumped in the jug.  We decided it’d be worth tweaking and trying again, this time with lager yeast instead of the white wine yeast the man at the homebrew store gave me.  Not knowing enough to put my foot down and ask for the beer yeast I knew I wanted, I went with his recommendation for making cider, which is, I think, what made it so much like drinking apple-flavored champagne (not that there is anything wrong with apple-flavored champagne…or any champagne for that matter). 

Bottom line?  We’re calling it a success, with room for improvement.  For now, though, we have a gallon of hard cider to drink before we give it another go.