These cookies. Oh my, these cookies.  These cookies were many, many things:

1) They were delicious – nutty, light, cinnamon-spiced meringue-y goodness in fun shapes!

2) They were easy enough to make once I discovered that we had a coffee grinder, and that it grinds almonds far better than my teeny, weeny $20 food processor.


Oh. My. God.  They stuck to everything!!  My hands.  The board.  The rolling pin.  The cookie cutters. The bowl.  The parchment paper for heavenssakes.  And yes, this is after I threw such a tantrum that Mom coerced me into refrigerating them overnight to make the dough easier to work with.  I literally broke a sweat prying these bad boys off of their parchment paper-covered cookie sheet when they emerged from the oven, taunting me in all their stickiness.

“HOW DO I PRY YOU OFF OF HERE!?” I shouted in vain at the browned, puffed gingerbread men on the first cookie sheet.

We’ll never tellllllll…” they whispered back.

Fortunately, once I bit a few of their heads off in a vengeful rage, they were a lot less chatty.

Did I eff up the recipe?  Did I skip a step somewhere?  Who the hell knows – I certainly don’t blame Cakespy for my incompetence.  What I do know is that if (IF) you can get them off of the cookie sheet, they are delicious.  I mean, I can see why they’re famous.  I can also see why the more intelligent sector of the population buys them from a freaking bakery.  It’s ok friends.  One day I’ll learn.  One day.