A month ago, I found this post.  I instantly copied and pasted the link into an email to Boyfriend titled “My New Hobby…?” and we’ve been talking about it ever since.

See, last year, our first Christmas/Hanukkah together, one of my gifts was a case of my favorite hard cider, which I found and fell in love with in England, and frequently have trouble finding here in the States.  Don’t get me wrong – Woodpecker and Woodchuck will both do fine if I’m in the mood for some cider, but they both have an overwhelming, cloying sweetness to them that Magner’s doesn’t.  Magner’s is balanced – sweet, but crisp and refreshing.  It’s fantastic, and I was thrilled to get it as a gift and drink it with him during the weeks that followed.  He’s not a total cider convert,  but I haven’t yet introduced him to the hilarity that is the 2-liter plastic soda bottles of Strongbow in London.  We’ll see what his thoughts are after we guzzle one of those down a month from now.

Till then, I’m embarking on this experiment.  Am I going to be able to actually make hard cider in the comfort of my own home?  Will it be a crash-and-burn failure?  Or will I be motivated to take a trip back to the homebrew store (weirdest store I’ve ever set foot in, by the way) and pick up another packet of yeast to give it a second go around?  Only time will tell, friends.

Stay tuned!