If you live outside of the tri-state area, there’s a good chance you aren’t terribly familiar with Brooklyn beers.  And until yesterday afternoon, I wasn’t their biggest fan.

Most liquor stores in the area stock the Brooklyn Lager, and ocassionally their Local One and Local Two brews.  But finding anything beyond that is kind of rare (unless, I imagine, you live in Brooklyn) – which is a real shame, considering I really enjoyed the Brown Ale and Back Breaker I tried yesterday when Boyfriend and I decided to visit the brewery on a whim.

Like Riverhorse, Brooklyn gives free tours.  Unlike Riverhorse, they are not self-guided, and they only happen on Saturdays.  And, to be fair, it’s not really so much a tour, since you’re really just listening to the brewery’s history while standing in one room of their factory.  Still, it was interesting, and totally worth the trip across the river.  Especially since the place is pretty much a regular bar with only one brand of beer on tap – they sell beer tokens (6 for $20 – a bargain for NYC) and playing cards, and there are large circular tables throughout the room to use for drinking games and eating the pizza local restaurants will deliver to the brewery.  Seriously – if I lived closer to the City, I’d be there pretty frequently.

And while the Locals may not be quite my style, it’s fun to have a new kind of beer to look for – because you can bet that if and when I find that Back Breaker, I’ll be buying at least a 6-pack.