As I mentioned yesterday, my beer tastes have been progressed right on through the fall, despite it only being November.  Which means that instead of looking for everything pumpkin, I’ve moved on to looking for everything Christmas – those limited edition, molasses-thick beers that warm you from the inside out.  The kind that are deep and rich, dark and full of malty goodness.

Boyfriend and I discovered our favorite such beer last year, at our first beer tasting festival in Philly.  Of all the Belgian beers on hand, it was the N’Ice Chouffe that won us over from the first sip.  We spent months looking for it, only to discover a week ago that it’s a seasonal beer, and is produced only once a year at a monastary in Belgium.  Well I’ll be damned.  No wonder no liquor stores were carrying it when we found it in February.

But they are carrying it now, and it’s still as fantastic as I remember.  So fantastic, in fact, that I’ve bought three bottles in one week.  Don’t be so quick to judge – I’ve only finished one so far…