Oh. My. God.  My house smells fantastic.  By far the worst part of living in the house that hosts Thanksgiving is the tempation.  Both refrigerators have been crammed full of food for weeks.  Food I’m not allowed to touch.  Never again during the year is there this much cream, butter, cheese, sugar, deliciousness hanging around.  And for good reason – it is killing me.

Seeing as how I thoroughly enjoy making things too decadent to eat on a daily basis, I was granted the honor of making the pie I saw last month in Cooking Light and instantly began salivating over for Thanksgiving dinner.  Well, Thanksgiving dessert.  Even though, really, I could eat this for dinner and be thrilled with my life.

I know what you’re thinking (Don’t I always?): how could Cooking Light remake pecan pie so that it was both delicious and less fattening?  The answer is this: it’s still well over 300 calories per slice, and there’s still a cup of dark corn syrup in it.  This is not diet food, my friends.  This is fabulous food.

Needless to say, it’s not Thursday, so you’ll have to check back later in the week to see for sure that it tasted fantastical, but I’m just saying this: it looks and smells like heaven. And if you haven’t finalized your menu yet, may I make a recommendation?  Include this.  Kthanksbye.