Momma and I are on a bit of a Swiss chard kick.  We realized we had to branch out when the spinach was wilting away in the crisper week after week, because no one was interested anymore.  We went a bit overboard on the spinach…for years.  But, fortunately, that doesn’t mean we’ve resorted to the water-logged waste of space that is iceberg lettuce.  Instead, we’ve decided to try some of the other greens the farmer’s market has to offer; Swiss chard was our first victim.


Mom dog-eared this recipe from the October (2009 – we read this and Women’s Health in a much more timely manner than we do Gourmet and Bon Appetit) issue of Health magazine, and we tried it last weekend.  We made it exactly as-is, with the exception of putting some of the good stuff in there with all the cheese.  Dad doesn’t eat cheese, and Brother tries not to eat anything naturally green, so we flash-froze what Mom and I didn’t eat to reheat for a quick weeknight dinner.  I also opted out of the pesto on top because I didn’t think it needed it, but obviously, feel free.  Mom like it in there, and I would even consider putting it in the ravioli if you’re interested…there’s just a lot going on on top of this dish.


Also, this marks the first time I’ve used the wonton wrappers as whole disks, rather than half moons.  So each ravoli is twice the size and requires two wrappers – it made about 15 or so ravioli (Raviolis?  They don’t teach you this stuff in English lit!!!) that way, but would make a ton of the half-moon-sized ones.  Finally, I would double the chard part of the recipe.  We weren’t really sure what qualified as a “bunch,” but we opted for a handful rather than the entire amount Mom bought, and I think we should’ve made more.  It was my favorite part of the dish (as you’ll see tomorrow) and we ate it entire batch with only six ravioli(s), but if you just double the greens and nothing else, the scallions will get lost completely.  So don’t do that, okay?  Thanks!


GUESS WHAT!?  Boyfriend’s back in town!  Well, actually we’re BOTH out of town: we’re in State College, Pennsylvania watching the Nittany Lions beat the pants off of the Hoosiers.  Since we’ll be cuddling under the Penn State Snuggie I sent him last week (seriously) and tailgating all day, someone should be enjoying some healthy meals – stay tuned for more of the same for the rest of the weekend!