I may have mentioned once or twice (or every chance I get) that I studied abroad in London during my junior year of college.  It’s also on the list of places Boyfriend and I want to visit in our lives, and, soon, it will be first of those eleven to be crossed off!

See, Boyfriend and I decided about a month ago that it’s time to do another vacay.  The trouble was, with us living in two different cities, and him having four (yes, four) jobs and a full courseload, we didn’t really have many opportunities to plan such a getaway.  Fortunately, even Masters programs get holiday breaks in December, and Boyfriend was planning to grace me with his presence for a semi-extended period of time.  Rather than loaf around the tri-state area, we opted to, um, fly to Europe.  Perfectly natural conclusion for a 6-day period, yes?

That’s what I thought.  The truth is, I had my heart set on going long before we were committed.  Not only will this be our first trip outside of the country together, it will also be Boyfriend’s first time in Europe (he studied abroad in Australia, so he’s done the South Pacific) and my first trip back since I left in December 2006 (woo, I’m getting old).  And – bonus – we’ll be there on my birthday, which happens to be New Year’s Eve.  I’ve spent New Year’s in New York and Boston, so I think it’s time to branch out a little (fine, a lot) and see what the festivities are like across the pond.








Since I lived there for a few months, Boyfriend is letting me plan everything (Does he know me or what!?).  Now, blogosphere, a favor: I don’t want to miss anything when we go.  I think I’ve pretty much got the attraction side of things down – Boyfriend is not a museum person, so we’ll be forgoing that in favor of the London Eye, a Jack the Ripper tour, the New Year’s Parade, ice skating at the Tower of London, and, of course, Harrod’s (to name a few).  We also wanted to do a brewery tour, but, sadly, it looks like all of the tours are on hiatus between Christmas and New Year’s.  But the last time I was there, I was far from being a “foodie,” and I feel like I missed all of the great food the city has to offer.  We’ll definitely be checking out Burrough Market (How did that get overlooked the first time!?), and eating some killer Indian food down Brick Lane, but what else is out there??  Bear in mind that neither of us has hundreds to drop in fancy restaurants, and that we’ll be there for only about four days.

So what should we eat, do, and see in the great city of London!?