In case anyone didn’t get their fill of chocolate candy goodness this weekend, there are some great give-aways out there in cyberspace for your sugar-overloading pleasure. 


The first is so close to my heart, beings that the prize comes straight out of Nashville, where I spent the summer interning during college and many a weekend visiting Ex-Boyfriend.  Apparently I wasn’t perceptive enough to pick up on all the goodness the city has to offer though, and I definitely missed out by not discovering this chocolate paradise.  Fortunately, Lindsay and Taylor of Love and Olive Oil are willing to share the wealth with this give-away.


A little further north, Katy over at Sugarlaws is giving away a cookbook from one of NYC’s premier chocolatiers, Max Brenner.  Even the mention of the contents of this book is enough to make you salivate, so even if you aren’t the lucky winner, perhaps it’s worth shelling out the money to have this book at your fingertips…


And if you’re still in possession of some Halloween candy (I can certainly say that’s the case in my house, seeing as how we got less than 10 trick-or-treaters on Saturday), Cakespy has the recipe for you over here.  Enjoy!