I love Halloween.


How can you not enjoy a holiday that encourages people of all ages to act like children for a day?  Playing dress up, eating shocking amounts of candy, and wearing a more than advisable amount of the color orange – it’s all just so much fun.  And, like any holiday worth celebrating, Halloween has some pretty standout food choices.






I’m sure you all remember my pumpkin binge of early October, but there is, of course, more to Halloween cuisine than just pureed squash.  First of all, there is candy.  Generally speaking, I don’t eat a whole lot of candy.  Some dark chocolate here and there, and packs upon packs of sugarless gum, but other than that I don’t buy it – expressly for the reason that if I buy it, I will eat it. All of it.  Case and point: when I was up in Boston visiting Boyfriend, I demanded we visit a costume store we happened to be walking by.  Now, this was weeks ago and my Halloween plans weren’t really sured-up yet, but I knew I could count on my cousin to at least do something with me that involved drinking in costumes, so I needed something to wear.  I’m not the kind of girl who wants to wear the same costume more than once, or be something boring or standard (though, to be fair, I was “The Walk of Shame” for more Halloween parties than I would like to admit in college), so I got it into my head that I wanted to be Twister.  Yes, I do mean the board game.


I had seen this costume online that involved a short white dress covered in game-board-sized colored dots, complete with a hat that was an actual spinner!!!!! Can you feel my excitement!?  I had never seen the costume before, and because it was unusual without being weird, I immediately wanted it.  However, I refused to pay $40 (plus shipping) to get it, because I’m only going to wear it once and that’s kind of a lot of money for a costume.  So I resisted the overwhelming urge to type in my credit card information (Heyyyyy, so that’s what self-control feels like!) and waited it out.


And then, in the Halloween store in Brighton, Mass, I found the costume.  And I hated it – the dress was made of itchy, cheap-looking material, and the bag didn’t even have the spinner hat that it was supposed to include.  I was, to put it mildly, dejected.  Costume hopes shattered, I resorted to candy and booze.  Specifically, candy corn and whiskey sours.  What a combination.


Freaking candy corn is goooooood.  I swear, despite my best efforts at eat only a few pieces at a time, I finished the entire bag (not the family-sized one, thank you very much) in three days.  I like to think that Boyfriend had half of it, but that’s just honestly not the case.  I think that this is more than explanation enough for why I refuse to buy any more of the stuff.  I sort of like my jeans size not to flucuate too much.


And then there’s the caramel apples I made last week, and the hot apple cider that my boss has a minor, insatable craving for.  And then, then, there are genius ideas like these ghost meringues, which I wouldn’t dream of taking credit for.  The idea comes from Heidi of 101 Cookbooks.  Heidi is quite possibly one of the most beautiful writers I have ever had the opportunity to read: she is eloquent and well-spoken everywhere that I am sarcastic, and her descriptions make the food virtually fly off the page.  Not to mention that her blog is devoted to cooking naturally and healthfully, while still creating delicious meals.  She’s really an inspiration, and I would love to harbor even a fraction of her talent.  But barring that, at least I can share her wonderfully creative ideas with some more of cyberspace.  Enjoy her elegant Halloween ghosts, and please try hard not to judge me when you see hers as compared to mine.  Why are you laughing!? I didn’t say it would be easy not to judge mine!